The "Best teacher" - Recruitment Campaign for School of Education.
The "Best teacher" - Recruitment Campaign for School of Education.

The "Best teacher" - Recruitment Campaign for School of Education.

Together with the School of Education we have prepared a recruitment campaign for another academic year. We are promoting practical postgraduate studies. The graduates of the school are well prepared to start working as teachers, and the diploma of Warsaw University gives them the competitive edge on the job market.

The whole recruitment campaign revolved around three Landing Pages.They were designed to rivet the attention of each group being the target of the campaign. We displayed there the most important virtues of the studies in a simple and accessible graphical form. The pages are fully responsive, tested on many devices and operating systems.
The first step in the recruitment process is the download from the page of an ebook created by us. It contains answers to the questions that may be asked by the candidates. A well informed candidate will be more likely to take the decision to enroll, hence we have spent a lot of time and work on the ebook, its form and content.

4 Campaigns – 13 Packages – 37 Ads

Traffic on the page is generated by Facebook Ads and AdWords.At the very beginning, based on previous years’ statistics, we identified our target groups. Three main groups that have then been broken down into smaller ones. We have created a few versions of advertisements for each group.
Not only did we target our advertisements on the basis of standard interests but we also used geotargeting – thanks to being well prepared, we know where to look for our target groups.

Thanks to installing Pixel FB on Our websites we are getting accurate data, we know which advertisements bring the best conversion results. Such knowledge lets us adjust budgets, and even exclude those advertisements which turned out to be less effective.Pixel allows us for implementation of the next step – remarketing.
Reaching the interested persons again may prove to be the ultimate incentive encouraging potential candidates to start studying at the promoted postgraduate studies.


AdGrants has been passed on to our disposal. Due to uniqueness of the budget and its limitations it was important to use available targeting to the maximum. The campaign is being optimized according to Google strategy for AdGrants Alpha – Beta – Gamma whose aim is to maximize traffic to the target page and identify key words of high effectiveness (conversion), as well as high CTR and quality result. We are aiming at selecting words whose CTR is higher than 5%.

Promotional video

How can we rivet attention, spend little time and include valuable information? In our view the answer is simple – a video. We have created an animation, where within 42 seconds viewers will learn in an attractive form about the most important merits of the promoted postgraduate studies.
Promo clip

Promo clip

By downloading our ebook, the potential candidate subscribes to our newsletter. We have designed four emails sent in weekly intervals, each containing a different, non-invasive message. The emails are to remind of the recruitment dates.

All these elements make up a coherent recruitment campaign. Thanks to attention to details and implementation in accordance to schedule we are anticipating good conversion rates. The results incoming after the first few weeks of the campaign are satisfactory to us and the Client.

Visit the campaign website (Polish language)
Client: Szkoła Edukacji
Agency: Direktpoint

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