Job Offers
Szukamy partnerów, nie trybików w maszynie. Jeżeli do tej pory byłeś freelancerem i realizowałeś projekty samodzielnie to rozważ koniecznie tę ofertę! 

26 May 2020

Job Offers
Szukamy stażysty/stażystki do pomocy w pracach graficznych.

19 February 2020

Web & mobile apps
In Direktpoint we also have some time for the side projects. Here is our fun project MVP from Direktpoint

4 November 2019

About us
We are a dedicated group of professionals in the field of digital products deployment, web development, online marketing, design and usability, working for big tech companies, global marketing agencies, governments  and... our friend’s PR boutique from around the corner....

12 August 2019

About us
It has already become already an observable trend over the past years for companies to continuously outsource work to foreign institutions in order to reduce production costs and significantly accelerate in-house work. 

9 August 2019

About us
They met in 2007 - a designer and a programmer - believing it was a good match to kick off the cooperation. Meet the two guys steamrolling Direktpoint!

2 August 2019

About us
We are known as a Drupal focused agency - we have a in-house team specializing in advanced web projects, portals, migrations, api integrations, custom modules & performance optimalization.

1 June 2019

News site with a closed system of premium content.

2 April 2019

If you’ve ever been interested in triathlon you must have heard of the Polish edition of the world famous competition of this kind – ENEA IRONMAN 70.3. Direktpoint is responsible for the design and technology of the event new image in the Internet.

5 March 2019

Jeżeli choć przez chwilę interesowaliście się tematyką triathlonu, napewno słyszeliście o polskiej edycji najsławniejszych zawodów tego typu na świecie - Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia. Direktpoint odpowiada za design i technologie nowego wizerunku imprezy w sieci.

26 February 2019